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Moving fast," he added as though by way of parenthesis, and
grinned confidentially. " That was down in Mexico,"

" It'll take more'n parched corn," Mr. Munn declared," and
people in debt already."

" Yeah, yeah; just let anybody start to crack down on mort-
gages and throw people off their places. God-a-mighty, when
the Professor gets me down on my knee-caps these days all I
ask the Lord for is to let those bastards start foreclosing mort-
gages." He stabbed the air with the stem of his unlit pipe,
and his eyes narrowed. "God-a-mighty, just let them start
foreclosing, that's all we need. That'll heat people up."

"They cracked down on Senator Tolliver," Mr. Munn
observed. "He was living in the office there on his place.
and they've evicted him. He's still got some influence, I
reckon, and if they'd evict him, they'd evict anybody."

" They used him, and they're through. He's a second-hand
corncob now, I tell you. And nobody gives a damn. Do

"Do I give a damn?" Mr. Munn echoed. Then he
answered, " No, I don't."

" You used to be pretty thick with him, and if you don't
give a damn now, who do you think does?"

"I don't," Mr. Munn answered shortly. He remembered
the Senator standing there on the baggage truck at the depot,
afraid of the crowd, cringing before it, suspicious of it and
desperate, and his face sallow and sunken in the afternoon
light. " And nobody does, I reckon," he added.

"Well, for one, I don't, God knows. And nobody does.
That's why they cracked down on him. But if they turned
out some God-forsaken little bastard with forty acres and that
not good for sassafras, you'd give a damn, and plenty of
people would. If they started that."

" Yes," Mr. Munn said slowly.

"But they're too smart," Doctor MacDonald went on.
"They won't do it, because they're too smart. Not now.
But just let the Association crack, and won't anybody be a
thing but hired hands for the Merchants' Bank and the Alta